About us

Established in May 1989, Hudson Watch Inc. boasts a rich three-decade history as a premier watch company. Our forte lies in directly providing the public with exquisite timepieces.

Hudson stands out by sourcing surplus watch inventory from prominent nationwide retail giants, enabling us to extend monumental discounts to our customers during warehouse sales held coast to coast.

Moreover, Hudson has crafted unique watch brands tailored to the discerning tastes and demands of our customers. We pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding expectations.

The year 2020 brought the unexpected challenge of Covid, prompting us to temporarily suspend our warehouse sales. However, we anticipate resuming these national public extravaganzas in 2025. In the meantime, we are channeling our energy into enhancing our online sales platform.

Among our illustrious collection is the iWatch®, a proprietary line that we've passionately marketed and sold since it’s 2007 trademark.

Join us on a journey through time, where precision meets style.